Model Homes Prove Energy Savings from Spray Foam

One of the biggest selling points in favor of spray foam insulation and coatings is the potential for great energy savings. While this is much discussed and touted by anecdotal reports of reduced utility bills, some people may still feel the need to see hard evidence of exactly what kind of difference spray foam can make when it comes to energy savings.

That was the motivation behind an experiment conducted by a group of organizations including the Florida Solar Energy Center, CPS Energy and Woodside Homes of South Texas. The group built three homes that were identical except for the energy efficiency materials used—primarily spray foam.

One home (the “control”) was built using basic conventional methods and materials, while the other two homes used spray foam insulation to carrying degrees.

After testing and monitoring the energy usage of all three homes, the results were clear. The two homes that used spray foam as an insulation and protection material were much more energy efficient. When spray foam insulation and coatings were used in the attic alone, the energy savings was 16 percent. When spray foam was also used to insulate the walls as well, the energy savings increased to 22 percent.

This seems to provide convincing evidence that spray foam offers the potential for significant energy savings when used in residential construction or renovations. For the tools and spray foam equipment needed to install these materials, check out the online store at Intech Equipment & Supply.