New American Home Featured Spray Foam

It’s a tradition that every few years the National Association of Home Builders designs and constructs a New American Home for their International Builder’s Show. Located in the exclusive Sky Terrace development in Henderson, Nevada, this year’s model was geared toward the goals of flexibility, multi-generational living and green building tactics.

Toward that end, New American Home 2014 features an emphasis on sustainability and earth-friendly features. There were very ambitious and demanding requirements when it came to the insulation specifications, because the home needed to meet the criteria for the highest green building certifications.

Given those requirements, it’s probably not very surprising that spray foam was selected as the insulation material for this property. Spray foam roofing and coatings were also used to protect and strengthen the home’s roof. While protecting the property and saving energy were top priorities, comfort was also an important consideration and spray foam helped keep the inside of the home cool and comfortable even in the soaring Nevada temperatures.

Those who designed the home were also happy about the added benefit offered by spray foam in that it would help keep out allergens and pollutants.

While most contractors probably won’t have to build a 6,700-square-foot model home that will be toured by thousands of people, any type of spray foam project requires a certain amount of equipment. You can find all of the spray foam equipment you need at Intech Equipment & Supply.