Outside Insulation Popular for Sustainable Building

Image courtesy of National Coatings

Sustainable building is all the rage these days. But this is more than just a trendy buzzword. Sustainable building is actually very important for the environment and the preservation of our precious natural resources. By establishing a more energy efficient structure, these building tactics allow the property owner to use fewer resources—which also helps them save money.

One common sustainable building strategy is the use of outside insulation as an additional way to protect and “cocoon” the home. Outside insulation is like an extra, more solid layer of protection against air and the elements. While traditional “internal” insulation is applied between/around framing and rafters, outside insulation can be applied in a continuous layer, allowing it to create a strong and solid membrane that envelopes the structure.

Due to its terrific insulating properties and ability to create an airtight layer of protection, spray foam is a great choice for this purpose.

Other sustainable building trends that more and more homeowners are choosing include solar panels, ductless heat pumps and a green roof.

For many contractors and their customers, sustainable building is a top priority. Intech Equipment & Supply is proud to assist and support those clients by serving as their top source for spray foam equipment that can help them create a more energy efficient property.