Overseeing a Safe SPF Installation

SPF installationLet’s face it: customers having spray foam insulation installed want to be well informed about the kind (or kinds) of SPF you plan to use in their home.

There are several considerations when working with customers before an installation. First, it’s important to review with each customer the entire project, from start to finish, including safety measures you will take on the job.

Part of this session may include factors, such as:

  • The steps you are taking to minimize overspray and to control dusts. Protecting exposed surfaces from SPF overspray by covering them and/or masking them off;
  • What you are doing to isolate and mark off the specific work area(s);
  • How you plan to address ventilation of an interior application, such as opening windows and/or setting up fans;
  • The steps you are taking to extinguish all sources of ignition in the spray area, adjacent rooms and behind neighboring walls, including pilot lights to gas stoves, dryers, furnaces and water heaters; and,
  • That you will be clearing the area of kids, pets and other individuals not wearing protective gear until the structure can be safely reoccupied.

During spraying, you should always:

  • Limit site access only to workers equipped with the proper protective gear, including eye protection, gloves and full-coverage clothing; and,
  • Take appropriate precautions to avoid high heat or flame near the application site, including having all of your team members avoid smoking on the job site.

Finally, remember, you are ultimately responsible for cleaning the work site thoroughly so unprotected workers or occupants can safely return to the building.

For more information about customer service-related SPF topics, as well as why you should consider teaming up with a spray foam equipment provider, check out our new e-book. Or, to find spray foam insulation equipment, such as spray foam rigs, contact us today.