Practical Issues Important for Home Renovation

spray foam insulationWhen contemplating a home renovation, property owners understandably tend to be focused on the “fun” elements such as choosing colors and design features. However, practical issues are even more important considerations when planning a home renovation project. This includes thinking about ways to reinforce and improve the building envelope, which protects the inside of the property from water and other exterior elements.

As this article notes, insulation should be a top priority when it comes to important decisions. That’s because this will have serious financial implications, in that the right choice of insulation can greatly affect your home’s energy efficiency and help lead to significant savings in the form of lower utility bills. In addition, insulation acts as a critical part of the building envelope and can determine just how durable that outer later is.

Spray foam insulation is a great choice because it helps form a very strong, waterproof membrane that serves as an essential layer of the building envelope.

While this may not at first glance seem as exciting as, say, choosing colors and envisioning how great the renovated space may look, the thought of getting much lower utility bills surely will be thrilling for many property owners.

Of course, installing this type of insulation requires the right tools. Intech Equipment & Supply has all of the spray foam equipment that contractors need in order to install this material for their customers as part of a home renovation project.