Property Owners Should Check Roof for Damage

roofing materialsThis winter has been hard on a lot of people—and a lot of properties. Between wind, rain, snow and everything else that Mother Nature has thrown at us, we and our homes have all been pushed to the limit. In some cases, parts of our homes have been pushed beyond their limits.

The roof in particular is taking a beating this year. Strong winds have battered some roofs, while ice and snow have put a major strain on others. Unfortunately, some just couldn’t handle the excessive demands placed upon them and simply gave out. Many unlucky homeowners have found themselves pelted by water from a leaky roof—or worse, scrambling for cover when part of the ceiling comes falling down.

In addition to the weight of heavy snow, water can accumulate on the roof, causing an ice jam that damages the roof’s structure and forces water underneath the roof’s surface. Being proactive can be very helpful in preventing ice dams from forming, but trying to remove snow from the roof can sometimes be challenging (not to mention dangerous). Often, homeowners are unaware that ice and snow have reached a critical point on their roof until they find out the hard way when there’s a problem.

As this article notes, experts and building professionals are strongly advising homeowners to keep a close eye on their roof, to remove snow and ice buildups and be alert for any sign if weakness or disrepair.

Residents who do need roof repairs will likely need to hire a roofing contractor to handle the job for them. And those contractors can get all of the roofing materials and supplies they need at Intech Equipment & Supply.