Recent Hot Summer Temps Prompt Mass. Homeowners to Install Spray Foam in Attics

spray foam atticBaby, it’s hot outside! Do you ever have customers complain about a second floor in their house that just does not seem to ever get cool?

As a result of this summer’s extreme heat, a large number of homeowners in Massachusetts are moving forward with the decision to install spray foam insulation in their attics in order to beat the heat, according to a recent Yahoo! Finance article.

As you may already be aware, spray foam insulation is an alternative to traditional building insulation materials – think fiberglass or cellulose – where a mixture is sprayed onto a surface to form a foam that stays in place as it sticks to the surface after expanding.

“We install it right up against the roof, in between the rafters, and it has a tremendous impact on keeping the heat out of the attic and keeping [a] home below extremely cool all summer long,” said a spokesperson at Mass Energy Lab Insulation. “It’s especially effective in large homes built after the 1980s and 1990s where you have ducts from the AC unit, usually found in the attic, running through the attic floor into all the rooms below.”

According to the article, many homeowners quickly realize the advantages of spray foam as soon as the very next day, following installation.

Experts recommend that the following important factors are considered prior to installation:

  • Age of the roof;
  • Current HVAC system;
  • The bathroom fans and appliances regularly being used;
  • Indoor air quality; and,
  • Occupant safety, among other things.

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