Reduced Air Leakage Big Advantage of Spray Foam

The goal of insulation is to keep the air and elements outside from getting inside the home or building. However, different types of insulation have different levels of success in achieving that goal. As this article notes, air leakage—which can account for up 40 percent of energy loss—is a big problem with many types of insulation, which tend to allow air flow to pass through easily.

Spray foam, on the other hand, is a very effective way to block air flow. It forms a very dense, solid layer of insulation that keeps air (as well as water and other elements) from breaking that barrier and entering the property. This can result in an immediate and very noticeable improvement in the comfort level inside the property, along with a major difference in utility costs.

Of course, the spray foam insulation and coating must be applied by a qualified professional. At Intech Equipment & Supply, we make it easy for those professionals to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently by helping them to get the supplies and equipment they need.