Roofing Examined as Part of Home Inspection

roofing materialsA home inspection can be a stressful experience for a homeowner (or potential buyer) because there is usually a pretty important outcome depending on the results.

People mainly have a home inspection done when they are buying or selling a home, but they may also need this done for other reasons—say, if they are trying to refinance the mortgage on their current home.

Whatever the reason, a home inspection involves checking out the major components of the property. This includes the roof, foundation, heating and cooling systems and electrical system.

The roof is one of the main parts of the home that gets evaluated in a home inspection, and it’s often a common source of problems—many of which may take the homeowner by surprise. That’s because unlike other systems such as the heating, where even small problems are usually quickly spotted by a homeowner—roofing issues may not be easily noticeable until they reach a critical point.

Small tears and weak spots in the roof can easily exist without the homeowner being aware of the situation, unless for some reason they actually climbed up and examined the roof. But without looking at it, the roof may seem to be just fine. Until, of course, things reach a point where they are impossible to ignore, like when a leak occurs and water suddenly starts flowing into the home.

Property owners who know they have an issue with their roof and want to take proactive measures before an inspection, or those who already had an inspection and discovered the bad news the hard way, will likely want immediate help to solve the problem quickly.

Fortunately, contractors can offer a quick and effective solution by suggestions spray foam roofing and coatings, which can be applied in a relatively short time and will create a very strong roof surface that will surely please an inspector.

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