Solving Common Problems With an Insulated Roof

An insulated roof can be a tricky topic. There are many exceptions and variations from one roof to the next.

While the choice is ultimately up to a building owner, in this article, we want to point out a few advantages to Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roof insulation.

Generally speaking, spray foam insulated roofs provide low maintenance costs, lower energy bills, and a long service life. When you apply spray foam to a roof, it creates a seamless air barrier that can lower air leakage by more than 80 percent, saving building owners approximately 40 percent or more in cooling and heating costs.

Plus, in an average of about five years, those energy savings combine to outshine the total initial cost of the spray foam insulated roof. Studies show that spray foam insulated roofs can last 40 years or longer and you can easily recoat them to extend the life of the system.

Reinforce Surfaces With Spray Foam Roof Insulation

Roof issues sometimes crop up suddenly and can involve urgent, expensive repairs or the possibility of costly long-term damages.

One major issue that can add to these challenges is that roofing problems commonly occur unnoticed, and get increasingly worse while escaping the attention of a busy building owner. By the time someone notices an issue, things may have already reached a level where significant issues are present, and you need to address them immediately.

Even if a building’s roof is not that old, it may still exhibit signs of damage, especially if it has experienced harsh elements or severe storms. A weak roof can leave a building vulnerable to wind or water damage, as well as other risks and hazards.

Spray foam roof insulation is a smart option for reinforcing a roof to ensure it is more weather-resistant and to make it stronger. SPF roofs can also be beneficial when the majority of the roof surface is in relatively decent condition, or if a building owner is hoping to avoid the hassle and expense of tearing down and replacing their roof.

SPF Solves One of Most Common Roofing Issues

Whether it is a residential or commercial building, one of the biggest worries with regards to a roof can be a water leak. Leaks can result from damage or disrepair, and factors such as wind, age, and other elements can cause portions of a roof to weaken or become missing.

As a result, it can leave the area vulnerable to damage and leaks caused by exposure to the elements. Furthermore, ice dams can lead to water damage and place added stress on the roof surface.

Spray foam roof insulation is the perfect solution when it comes to preventing leaks. It provides a smart strategy to repair or reinforce a roof with minimal hassle and inconvenience.

Reduces Construction Costs for Builders

Acting as both insulation and an air barrier that seals a building’s envelope, SPF practically eliminates the need for additional air sealant materials.

Additionally, some jurisdictions require airtightness tests to prove compliance. You can test a spray foam building assembly before you apply drywall which can save time and work, and avoid expensive repairs if you discover defects.

SPF insulation also fits into hard to reach places, and you can apply it directly onto existing roof coverings. This method minimizes the need for expensive and time-consuming tear-off and replacement.

Finally, a foam insulated roof may qualify you for tax credits and incentives. 

Helps Meet Building Code Requirements

Many states and localities continue to adopt codes that mandate increased energy efficiency. Spray foam roof insulation can help you meet many of these strict building and energy codes.

For those builders who participate in programs, like Energy Star, LEED, and NAHB Green Building Certification, they may qualify for streamlined inspections and reduced fees. SPF insulation can help building owners meet the energy efficiency requirements of each of these programs, and reduce the need for a local code official inspection of energy elements.

Why Cut Corners With Roofing?

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we believe that roofing is an area where you simply cannot afford to cut corners.

The same attitude should go toward the SPF equipment and supplies you need to install an insulated roof properly. Remember, you want to be able to get your job site up and running right away and keep things moving smoothly until you complete each roofing project.

Intech Equipment & Supply offers a wide range of roofing materials and supplies, as well as other essential items you need to complete your roofing and insulation jobs. Most importantly, we dedicate ourselves to delivering excellent customer service and completing orders quickly and smoothly, without any issues or delays.

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