SPFA Offers Certification for Spray Foam Pros

Professionals in the spray foam roofing and/or insulation business now have a way to document and certify their knowledge and skills in this field. The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance launched a new certification program earlier this year, providing contractors with a way to prove that they have attained specific skill levels and mastered certain abilities related to the installation of spray foam materials.

The certification program is divided into two categories: insulation and roofing. For each category there are four levels:  assistant, installer, master installer and project manager. Everyone must start out by passing the assistant exam, and then can move progressively up into higher levels, each of which involves its own exam and other criteria.

The program’s goal is that “the SPFA Professional Certification Program is the most rigorous, extensive and defining program for the SPF professionals in the world.”

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