Spotlight on Spray Foam and Other Polyurethane Products

spray foam equipmentA new campaign puts the spotlight on all of the benefits offered by the wide variety of polyurethane products and the many advancements made in that industry over the past few decades.

The campaign—entitled “Versatile. Durable. Incredible. Polyurethane.”—was created by the American Chemistry Council. It aims to educate the public about many important aspects related to polyurethane through materials featured on a website, social media and advertising promotions.

The campaign website features a section that specifically focuses on how polyurethane products (namely, spray foam) have impacted the building industry. “With its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, insulation properties, durability and versatility, polyurethane is a common component in building and construction applications,” the website notes.

The website text continues, “Rigid polyurethane panels used for insulation keep your home warm and comfortable. Because these panels dramatically reduce energy usage, we conserve natural resources and the environment. And thanks to polyurethane, your floors, walls, doors, windows and roofs are affordable, durable, easier to maintain and more aesthetically pleasing.”

Other parts of the website illustrate how polyurethane also plays a role in everything from athletic apparel to electronics. The campaign also notes that polyurethane doesn’t just strengthen buildings—it also strengthens the economy. The ACC notes that in the United States alone in 2010, the polyurethanes industry directly generated $19.7 billion in output and 37,700 jobs, with the indirect benefits many times greater.

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