Spray Foam a Great Upgrade to Older Buildings

Spray foam insulation and roofing can add considerable strength and weatherproofing to relatively new buildings, but can also help breathe new life into older, damaged buildings that need to be rehabilitated.

As demonstrated in an article in the September/October issue of Spray Foam Magazine, this was viewed as the best choice for a major restoration project in which a 100-year-old home needed to be brought up to present-day standards. Decades of storms and years of neglect had taken its toll on the property, which needed to be rebuilt, strengthened and made as energy efficient as possible.

Spray foam insulation and coating was applied both to the outside of the foundation and also installed inside the home’s interior. This allowed the property to be very attractive to future potential buyers, for whom energy efficiency would be an important priority.

No matter what type of home or building may be involved in your spray foam project, you must have the right equipment to handle the job efficiently. Contact Intech Equipment & Supply for help in getting everything you need.