Spray Foam Can Help Ease the Pain of Utility Bills

Spray Foam Can Help Ease the Pain of Utility Bills

In many parts of the country, particularly those that have really suffered through some brutal winter weather over the past few months, the idea that spring may finally be on the horizon is certainly a welcome thought. However, for residents of those areas, things may not start looking sunny in their budgets for quite a while.

Since some utility bills are configured on a post-usage basis (meaning, customers are billed for their usage recorded during the previous month, or before), the final tally for this winter’s energy consumption may not be fully felt by property owners for a while after the severe weather and arctic temperatures fade into memory.

The lingering pain of energy bills that were likely much higher than anticipated could serve as strong motivation for property owners to think about what they can do to make their homes more energy efficient, in the hopes of avoiding a repeat of these sky-high utility bills next winter.

One of the smartest moves property owners can make to cut down their utility consumption is to ensure their structure is as airtight as possible, to eliminate leaks and drafts that can allow air (and the heating or cooling that goes along with it) to flow in and out of the home.

Not all insulating materials are created equal, though. While any insulation is probably better than nothing, the impact someone will see on their utility bill—and the comfort level of the living space—can vary widely depending on the choice of materials.

Spray foam insulation is widely viewed as one of the most effective options, thanks to its ability to seal air leaks combined with the highest r value per inch of any insulation material.

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