Spray Foam Equipment and Luxury Remodeling

Spray Foam energy efficient

Image Courtesy of DAS Products Inc.

Energy efficiency is a high priority for many of today’s home buyers, and this is especially true in the luxury real estate market. This is the case both for brand new construction and with regards to big budget renovation projects.

As this article notes, some of the homes on the recent Luxury Remodeling Tour sponsored by Midwest Home Magazine—which featured remodeling projects with a budget of $100,000 and up—included spray foam insulation as one of the energy efficient upgrades.

This just goes to show you that even people who have considerable financial resources are still concerned with saving money, as well as with conserving natural resources. Most people today are excited about the prospect of adding features that help them reduce energy usage and manage their utility consumption in a smarter way.

The homes included on the remodeling tour boasted some impressive renovation projects, ranging from a new attic retreat suite to a modern bathroom makeover.

Remodeling projects of this sort of scope and budget require a lot of spray foam equipment to complete the installation process efficiently. Intech Equipment & Supply can outfit job sites at all levels, providing everything they need to complete each job they have.