Spray Foam Equipment Creates Energy Efficient Offices

Image courtesy of KM COATINGS MFG

In many cities, commercial and office properties account for a high percentage of the area’s total energy usage. These facilities can put quite a drain on local utility resources, and can also contribute to pollution and other environmental issues in a major way.

Most typical business owners don’t have to worry about a high-rise skyscraper in a major metropolitan hub. However, energy efficiency and budget savings are important priorities for all businesses regardless of the size of their facilities.

That’s why more and more companies are investing time and resources into making their properties more energy efficient. Fast Company recently released a list of the cities with the most energy-efficient buildings. Los Angeles tops the list, followed by Washington, D.C, Atlanta and New York.

Of course, in some cities, businesses have extra motivation to decrease their energy usage as a result of local rules, incentives and legislation related to energy consumption.

These companies reduced their carbon footprint through a variety of measures, including using materials such as spray foam to reinforce their buildings’ exterior layer and eliminate any leaks that could result in wasted energy.

Businesses can make their properties more energy efficient by enlisting the help of a contractor who specializes in spray foam insulation or roofing materials. Those are the kinds of professionals that Intech Equipment & Supply has been serving for many years.