Spray Foam Equipment Helps Connecticut Homes Go Green

Image courtesy of National Coatings

Like people in all parts of the country, residents of Darien, Connecticut are increasingly deciding to go green.

As this article notes, the concept of a “green home” in the Darien area has drastically changed over the past years and decades. Years ago, the idea of being earth-friendly probably referred more to having a green thumb and including a lot of plants and landscaping in and around the home. These days, of course, a green home means a structure that is energy-efficient and conserves natural resources.

Like homeowners nationwide, those in Darien are increasingly concerned with reducing their carbon footprint and decreasing energy usage, while also saving money as much as possible. By incorporating energy-efficient features into their home, such as spray foam insulation they can accomplish all of those goals at the same time.

In addition to spray foam, other popular energy-saving features that are in high demand in the area include solar panels, energy-efficient windows and other earth-friendly building materials.

While these features are popular with a home’s current owners or occupants, real estate agents in the Darien say energy-efficient materials and elements are also very attractive to potential buyers.

Building or upgrading a home to be energy-efficient requires specific tools and materials, such as the spray foam equipment available for easy purchase through our online store at Intech Equipment & Supply.