Spray Foam Equipment Used in Pennsylvania Project

Spray foam is becoming increasingly popular all over the country as a top choice of insulation material. But after this harsh winter that inflicted unusually tough conditions on many areas of the U.S., people are especially interested in finding ways to make their homes more comfortable even during bad weather and plunging temperatures. More importantly, they also really want a way to avoid the soaring energy bills they have been hit with all winter.

This is definitely true in Pennsylvania, where the winter—and the soaring energy bills that came with it—seemed endless. So it’s not surprising that the owners of the Pennsylvania property featured in this story picked spray foam insulation to make their new home energy efficient.

Spray foam equipment (including a rig outfitted with a Graco Fusion gun) was on the job site during the installation process, and while crews faced challenges in dealing with the frigid outdoor temperatures, in the end everyone was impressed with the end result. The homeowners are now looking forward to enjoying their comfortable and energy-efficient home, no matter what Mother Nature has in store for them.

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