Spray Foam Equipment Useful in Sealing Air Leaks

Your hard-earned money may be literally going right out the window into thin air—and you might not even realize it. Let’s face it, it isn’t cheap to heat or cool your home or business. But if your property isn’t completely airtight (or as close as possible), some of that money is being wasted. Even a few seemingly minor leaks or gaps in your home’s outer perimeter can allow quite a bit of air to escape (or enter). This means that your HVAC systems need to work harder to maintain a comfortable environment inside the home. And when the home’s systems work harder, you pay more in energy bills.

Fortunately, getting rid of these costly leaks is easier than you might think. Basically, you need to seal up any vulnerable areas where air can flow between the interior and the outdoors. To do this, you need the right material. One of the best options is to select spray foam insulation and coatings. Spray foam is a great choice for filling cracks and gaps because it expands after application, allowing it to fill in even small or hard to reach air pockets.

Of course, once you have decided to go with spray foam, you need a way to install it. Your contractor will need the proper spray foam equipment to complete this application process. If they don’t already have what they need, we can help. At Intech Equipment & Supply, we specialize in spray foam equipment and get can get their orders processed quickly.