Spray Foam Gives Longer Life to the Roof

Image courtesy of KM COATINGS MFG

A roof replacement can be a big—and expensive—job, as most contractors know, and as many property owners fear. But if a roof is showing signs of wear or disrepair, or is already experiencing some leaks, this is something that can’t be delayed. The property owner needs to take action quickly before the problem gets worse and they expose the home or building (and everything in it) to costly water damage.

However, this repair action doesn’t necessarily need to be in the form of a complete roof replacement. Depending upon the specific circumstances, including the age and overall condition of the existing roof, an alternative solution may be possible.

One popular option: using spray foam to seal and reinforce the existing roof. The spray foam can often be applied on top of the existing roof, avoiding the need for a complete teardown. This saves time and money.

Spray foam can help extend the life of a new or existing roof by quite a few years. But the benefits don’t stop there. Spray foam helps keep the roof’s surface cool, which in turn helps keep the interior of the property cooler, especially when combined with spray foam’s excellent sealing properties that creates an airtight membrane around the exterior. This can lead to a considerable reduction in energy usage and great savings on utility bills.

Intech Equipment & Supply has a wide inventory of spray foam equipment, roofing materials and everything else needed to reinforce a roof and give it a longer life.