Spray Foam Helps Home Earn Amazing Energy Score

It is well known that spray foam insulation, coating and roofing material can help greatly improve a structure’s energy efficiency. But seeing actual numbers proving that fact can still sometimes be quite surprising.

A builder in New Hampshire recently documented exactly how much of a difference using spray foam and other “green” materials made in reducing the energy consumption of a new home they just completed.

Homes designed using REM/RATE™ software have a rating called an HERS (Home Energy Ratings System) score. A home’s HERS score shows how energy efficient it is when compared to a standard home of similar size, shape and age. As an example, a home that gets an HERS score of 80 would use 20 percent less energy than a standard comparable home. The lower the HERS score, the better.

As described on SprayFoam,com, Building Alternatives of Franconia, New Hampshire, just completed construction on a new home that achieved an impressive HERS score of 39. This means that homeowner could possibly enjoy energy bills that are 61 percent lower than typical for a home of that size.

The use of spray foam to insulate the home’s walls likely contributed a great deal to earning that amazing energy rating. Building Alternatives plans to enter the home in the Most Energy Efficient Home Contest sponsored by the Home Builders Association.

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