Spray Foam Helps Make Bigger Homes Energy Efficient

energy efficient homesA trend in home construction in the recent past has involved the construction of bigger homes that occupy more space and consist of more square footage than their older, smaller counterparts. While that trend has started to slow (or even backslide) in some parts of the country, there is still a sizeable segment of homeowners that continue to prefer larger homes. While of course the overall price tag of building a home tends to increase in proportion to its size, there is one financial aspect of these large homes that some may find surprising.

A report conducted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration has found that even though homes in this country are on average now 30 percent larger, they still only consume roughly the same energy as smaller older homes. EIA’s most recent Residential Energy Consumption Survey found that U.S. homes built since the year 2000 consume only 2 percent more energy than older homes, even though the newer houses are significantly larger on average.

While this statistic may initially seem puzzling, it does start to make sense once you think about it. There is a growing focus on improving energy efficiency, and builders (and homeowners) are now making that a top priority in new construction. In addition, current building codes also play a role in many areas, where more energy efficient strategies are encouraged or required.

The figures cited in this report just go to illustrate the significant impact that even a few relatively easy tactics can have on a home’s energy consumption. There are of course a wide range of options available to property owners who are concerned with lowering utility bills and reducing their carbon footprint. This can include everything from solar panel systems to energy efficient windows and doors.

No matter what type, style or size of a home, there are almost always options that can improve the energy efficiency. This is particularly true for older homes that were likely not outfitted with the energy-saving products and materials we have available to property owners today. One of the most effective and popular options being utilized by homeowners and contractors is spray foam insulation and roofing. Well-known for its impressive insulating characteristics, polyurethane spray can help drastically cut energy consumption in virtually any type of home or commercial building.

Since spray foam can be applied relatively quickly and easily, this is a smart and convenient choice for property owners who are eager to slash their utility bills while also helping to conserve precious natural resources.

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