Spray Foam Helps Offset Winter Utility Bill Increases

In many parts of the country, winter season brings higher utility bills to accompany brisk chills and snowy landscapes. That’s a fact of life very familiar to long-time residents of those areas, and one for which many of them may already be bracing.

There are signs that these residents may have reason to be optimistic that the bills won’t be quite as painful as last year. For example, National Grid (one of the largest utility companies in Massachusetts), recently announced that while their electricity rates will rise in November, the increase won’t be as large as that of last winter.

Still, rising utility bills during the winter are pretty much inevitable in cold weather regions, so it makes sense that property owners in those areas tend to be eager to find any strategy that would help them fight these increasing expenses.

Insulation is of course a common tactic to try and keep homes warm while reducing energy loss. While any type of insulation is sure to help at least a little bit, choosing the right type of insulation material can make a big difference in exactly how much savings a property owner might expect to see in their utility costs this winter.

As many contractors already know, spray foam is one of the best choices to achieving the ultimate in energy efficiency. Spray foam is an excellent insulator, and can help drop heat loss down to very low levels. By creating a strong envelope around the structure, spray foam helps eliminate drafts and leaks that can make the home cold and also represent wasted energy.

Property owners who have upgraded their home with spray foam insulation and/or roofing materials are usually amazed by the significant decrease in utility bills they see almost immediately. This can help spray foam quickly start to pay for itself from the first day.

Particularly if this upcoming winter is as harsh as the previous one, many people would really benefit from any tactics that can help them keep their utility bills from soaring. This can definitely go a long way in helping residents to stretch their budgets. As a bonus, it also helps them reduce energy consumption which protects valuable natural resources.

The good news is, spray foam can be installed quickly and easily, and it is an ideal choice for insulating cramped or hard to reach spaces. And by ordering their sprayfoam equipment from Intech Equipment & Supply, contractors can have their job sites up and running right away.