Spray Foam Helps Protect Property from Summer Storms

Just when we think we can finally breathe a sigh of relief that winter is now behind us, summer—and the storms it brings with it—is just on the horizon. As hard as it is to believe with the winter many of us just had, summer can actually bring even more unpredictable and dangerous weather to many parts of the country.

The warmer weather means the risk of powerful storms like hurricanes and tornadoes, which can do a lot of damage to homes and other structures. Even a relatively minor storm can still have winds strong enough to damage a home’s roof or other systems.

This is the perfect time to reinforce or repair your home’s roof or walls because the weather is (for the most part) warm enough to perform exterior repairs and home improvement. Your contractor will likely be able to complete a job for you quickly—so you can be prepared before severe weather strikes.

Of course, you need to be smart about choosing the right materials to make your home as well-protected as possible. One popular choice is spray foam.

Spray foam creates a tight barrier that can strengthen your walls and roof, which is critical in maintaining its integrity against severe weather. The strong seal created by spray foam offers protection against summer storms, especially roof uplift that can occur during high winds.

The installation process for spray foam insulation, roofing and coating usually goes pretty quickly, but the contractor will need the right equipment. At Intech Equipment & Supply, we have all of the spray foam equipment, roofing materials and other supplies contractors need in order to complete all of their spray foam jobs.