Spray Foam Insulation’s R Value is Impressive

Spray Foam Insulation’s R Value is Impressive  In choosing from among the various insulation materials available, one of the main factors to consider is the ability of a specific material to provide maximum protection against air leakage, which in turn can lead to drafts, leaks and wasted energy.

Spray foam is widely viewed as one of the most effective insulation materials, based on its ability to create a strong, airtight membrane that keeps air (and water) from entering or escaping the inside of the structure. The effectiveness of a particular insulation material is indicated by R value, which is the measure of resistance to heat flow.

When considering the R value of other insulating materials, it is also important to remember that many of those alternative materials do not create a tight air seal, which can allow for leaks and drafts and significantly affect the overall insulating benefit.

While the exact R value of spray foam insulation can vary depending on the specific type of spray foam used and other factors, it is generally considered among the best choices for an insulating material with a high R value.

Contractors who specialize in insulation projects are likely already well aware of the spray foam insulation R value and its benefits to property owners. To help with these insulation projects, Intech Equipment & Supply offers a vast inventory of spray foam equipment.