Spray Foam Offers Potential for Great Savings

One of the most attractive benefits of switching to spray foam insulation is the potential for energy savings—and, as a result, reducing the cost of paying for that energy in the form of utility bills. But just how much can you really save? In many cases, it could be a significant amount.

This article does some basic calculations based on hypothetical figures, and estimates the heating and cooling costs of an average home would be at least 40% less with spray foam insulation as opposed to fiberglass or other insulation materials. Of course, each situation is different and exact results will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the home and the specific utility costs involved. (Their sample figures were pretty modest, so their estimates are probably on the conservative side and it’s likely that many homeowners would in reality see even better results.)

If your home currently has a lot of drafts that let air in—and your heating or cooling out—the potential savings could be quite large. In addition, there’s the extra fringe benefit that upgrading to a better form of insulation will make your home much more comfortable.

Spray foam can offer many benefits, but it must be installed by an experienced, qualified professional. And that professional will need the proper equipment. Contractors who need spray foam equipment can find everything they need at Intech Equipment & Supply.