Spray Foam Organization Creates Code of Conduct

spray foam equipmentAn organization of spray foam industry professionals recently created a code of conduct to help promote safe and ethical practices among businesses and professionals in the field.

The code of conduct was recently adopted by the Spray Foam Coalition, which was formed by the Center for Polyurethanes Industry. The SFC is an organization of spray foam insulation manufacturers and related businesses, and is designed to promote the use of spray foam and educate the public about its benefits and safe installation practices.

The SFC Code of Conduct covers six major areas of commitment including leadership, hazard communication, applicator training, and education and research.

In each area, the Code of Conduct suggests practices that can help ensure professionals operate in the most efficient and responsible manner.  For example, a company can prepare a technical data sheet with information on their products that will be available publicly, to help better inform and educate customers or others who may be interested.

A code of conduct is one good tool to help a company operate in a positive way. Another important tool, of course, is the availability of top quality, reliable equipment. These companies can find all of the spray foam equipment and other supplies they need at Intech Equipment & Supply.