Spray Foam Popular for Global Agriculture Buildings

Closed-cell spray foam insulation has become increasingly popular for applications in places used in agricultural functions such as barns and food storage buildings. One big advantage is that this type of foam is considered more eco-friendly, partly because it often contains recycled materials.

Spray foam is growing more popular for agricultural settings, not just in the U.S. but globally. As noted in this story, it is now being used in places like Ireland to insulate farm-related buildings.

The closed-cell product used in that example is viewed as ideal for farming and industrial environments. It creates an air-sealed building which allows for ultimate insulation and energy efficiency.

This helps address several of the top priorities for farmers: protecting their crops and livestock while also keeping their costs down. The spray foam helps keep things comfortable inside the building, even when outside it is bitter cold in winter or sweltering hot in summer.

Farmers, builders, agricultural companies and others who use spray foam materials to help weatherproof and insulate their properties get a great value for their money while also protecting the valuable investment they have contained within those properties.

Not matter what type of setting you will be applying spray foam insulation and coating, you will need the right materials to get the job done. You can find all of the spray foam equipment and parts to keep your jobs running at Intech Equipment & Supply.