Spray Foam Roofing Can Prevent Winter Leaks

Spray Foam Roofing Can Prevent Winter LeaksRoof leaks can be a stressful worry for people in many parts of the country at this time of year. Ice dams and accumulating snow often result in leaks that can cause considerable damage to the property (and the contents within it). They can also seriously compromise the integrity of the roof, which adds more stress and strain on an area that is likely already vulnerable or compromised.

Nobody wants to spend the entire winter dealing with the anxiety of worrying about a roof that may spring a leak at any moment. Fortunately, there is an effective and relatively easy way to eliminate this risk. Spray foam roofing and coatings can provide a great way to fortify and strengthen a roof, creating a solid and airtight membrane that is highly resistant to water and other elements.

(In addition, by insulating the attic and or the attic side of the roof deck lid with spray foam, you can prevent heat from reaching the roof, which can also be a big help in avoiding ice dams and other problems.)

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