Spray Foam Roofing Helps Avoid insurance Claims

Spray Foam Roofing Helps Avoid insurance Claims

Image courtesy of National Coatings

Most property owners would do anything in their power to prevent a situation that would result in the need to submit a claim to their insurance company.

Let’s face it, nobody likes filing insurance claims. Of course, nobody likes having property damage that makes an insurance claim necessary in the first place. Aside from all of the red tape and hassles involved with damage-related claims, there is also the stress and disruptions that property damage can cause. Not to mention, the possibility of losing important, valuable and perhaps irreplaceable belongings that can often be lost due to storm damage, especially if there is a lot of water involved.

One of the most vulnerable parts of a home or building during a major storm is the roof. This is especially true if the roof is older or has any weak spots. Even just a relatively small section of a roof that is compromised can create the opportunity for considerable damage. Once an initial part of the roof’s surface is breached, it can lead to a domino effect where the surrounding areas also succumb to the pressure of severe wind or rain.

A roof that is damaged or destroyed during a storm leaves the property underneath it exposed and at risk of damage as well.

Investing a bit of effort and money into reinforcing your roof now can spare you from this unpleasant scenario later. One of the most effective (and most convenient) ways to reinforce a roof is by using spray foam roofing. It can often be applied to the existing roof structure, preventing the need for a total teardown. Most importantly, it helps create a strong, solid membrane on the roof’s surface, which provides excellent protection from the elements.

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