Spray Foam Roofing Used by University for Decades

It seems like once people start using spray foam materials for roofing needs, they immediately become fans—to the point where they may never want to use other materials on their roof again. That’s certainly the case for one school that has been reaping the rewards of spray foam roofing for many years now.

As this case study reveals, Texas A&M University has used spray foam roofing almost exclusively for the past three decades. That means for nearly 30 years, they have rarely used anything besides spray foam on their roofing surfaces. And we are talking about a lot of roofing area: the University has over 7 million square feet of roofing that includes 27 campus buildings.

The University initially turned to spray foam in the 70s when they needed a quick and easy solution to the constant leaks they were experiencing with their tar and gravel built-up roofing. Spray foam offered a major advantage in that it could be applied over the existing roof, sparing the school the inconvenience and expense that a complete tear-down would have entailed.

Since then, they have remained a fan of the spray foam roofing for several important reasons, including its durability and energy savings. University reps say the roofs continue to hold up great even though they require very little maintenance.

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