Spray Foam the Choice to Insulate Silver Mine

When the owners of the Revenue-Virginius Silver Mine decided to refurbish the property, they knew that insulating the mine—which is nestled high on a mountaintop in Colorado—would be one of the most important priorities, especially because employees would need to work inside the mine during very cold winter temperatures.

As this SprayFoam.com story notes, the owners felt spray foam was the obvious choice for a job that required the highest insulation properties.

The installation process certainly wasn’t easy—work crews had to make a trek every morning before dawn up icy roads to reach the site. There were also the considerable hazards inside the site, including lack of oxygen, cramped spaces and the risk of cave-ins. Among the equipment the crew had to transport with them each morning were Graco Fusion spray guns and a spray foam rig.

Despite all of the challenges, the owners were delighted with the finished product. In addition to keeping the space at a comfortable temperature, the spray foam also seems to make it brighter.

While your crew may never have to work on a job at the top of a mountain in freezing temperatures, they will have their share of challenging jobs. One challenge they don’t need is a lack of critical equipment. Fortunately, this problem can be easily avoided by obtaining all of your equipment from Intech Equipment & Supply.