Tax Credits Can Recoup Some Costs of Spray Foam

One of the main reasons property owners are attracted to spray foam insulation is the appeal of increased energy efficiency. That’s also something the government is interested in—and they’re willing to provide a little added incentive to motive people to take energy-saving measures with their property.

Federal tax credits for energy efficiency provide homeowners with tax credits if they add certain energy-saving products or materials to their homes. This includes certain insulation materials. The amount of the potential tax credit varies and some conditions and restrictions do apply. For many people, the tax credit may only be a few hundred dollars. However, considering the main financial benefit of spray foam insulation and coating is the lower energy bills, this tax credit is like a nice little bonus.

However, the tax credit expires at the end of the year, so property owners need to act quickly. Fortunately, we can help you get the spray foam insulation and coating equipment and supplies you need quickly, so your customers can get this credit from Uncle Sam.