The Importance of a Strong Building Envelope

One of the most important elements of building construction is establishing a strong outer membrane for the structure. This serves as a sort of force-field that protects the structure and keeps the indoor space comfortable in a variety of ways.

As this article notes, a strong building envelope is important not only for durability and endurance of the structure, but also for protection against infiltration by moisture, heat, sound and other unwanted outside elements.

Of course, the challenge is that there are a variety of different factors involved with planning and creating that building envelope, including local climate conditions, building codes and requirements, design elements and more. So the goal is to try and select an effective material and create a building plan that satisfies all of those requirements and considerations while also providing the property owner with the benefits they are seeking.

The article notes that spray foam is a very attractive and effective choice for establishing a strong envelope that can keep all of those unwanted elements from invading the indoor space. It also offers flexibility since it can be used to insulate the walls and floors/ceilings as well as to strengthen and protect the roof.

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