Things to Consider When Buying a Spray Foam Rig

spray foam insulationA spray foam rig is a major investment for any business, so this is a not a purchase you should make lightly or in a spontaneous way. You should do a lot of research and comparison shop, so you are certain that you know exactly what you need—and will get the best deal on that particular rig.

Some of the most important factors you will need to consider when shopping for a spray foam rig include:

Cost: Obviously, you need to work within your budget parameters. But be careful of being too pre-occupied by price. If you make the choice based on money alone—and simply look for the cheapest one you can find—you may later regret it, if it turns out you bought a rig that is of poor quality or doesn’t offer everything you need.

Features: Ideally, you should have lots of choices when it comes to features. If you are buying a rig brand new, you should be able to customize it as much as possible so you can be sure to get the most important things you need.

Service: Spray foam rigs have a lot of parts that will need to be serviced or repaired/replaced at some point. You want to be sure service is available and will be handled promptly, so as to minimize potential downtime or delays.

Training: You want to be sure that the people who will be using this equipment know how to operate it properly. There should be sufficient training available to ensure they are comfortable using the rig safely and efficiently.

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we custom-build rigs to meet your specific needs. We have a variety of models and equipment packages available. We keep our prices reasonable by manufacturing the rigs ourselves in-house. We also offer full maintenance and troubleshooting, onsite delivery anywhere in the U.S. and two days of equipment training. Learn more about our spray foam rigs.