Use Canned Spray Foam Insulation to Seal Leaks and Drafts

Use Canned Spray Foam Insulation to Seal Leaks and Drafts Drafts and leaks can be extremely annoying, and can make a home or property very uncomfortable for those inside, especially in the cold weather months. They can also put the property at risk of damage from water and the elements. Even worse, leaks and drafts represent airflow between the exterior and interior of the property. That translates to heating and cooling going right out the window. For the property owner, this represents lots of wasted money in the form of inflated utility bills.

Obviously, this is a situation that most people will want to rectify right away, to see immediate savings on their energy bills. The good news is, this doesn’t necessarily need to be a huge undertaking. Depending on the scope of the project and the size of the space involved, a minor fix may solve the problem, at least in the short-term.

Canned Spray Foam insulation comes in an aerosol can and  is an effective remedy to fill small cracks and gaps that can create drafts. This foam is convenient because it can easily get into tiny crevices that can otherwise be challenging to access. Even if the property owner wants to embark on a more comprehensive spray foam insulation job at some point in the future, this can often be sufficient to provide noticeable relief until a permanent repair can be made.

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