Utility Bills Higher This Year Than Last

The U.S. Energy Information Administration had predicted that more than 90 percent of American homes would have higher energy bills this winter than last year. Shockingly, that forecast was made even before the harsh winter had even begun. It’s very likely that the frigid cold which has plagued much of the country will lead to bills that are even higher than most people could have imagined.

After struggling to pay these soaring utility bills, many property owners will be very motivated to make any possible changes or upgrades to their property that may reduce their utility costs before the next winter arrives.

When they research their options, they will likely discover the impressive energy-saving potential that spray foam offers as an insulation and roofing choice. Of course, the fact that these materials lower energy consumption isn’t just good for the bank account—it’s also good for the environment, which to many people is a very nice fringe benefit.

While these bloated utility bills may be bad news for property owners, there’s a silver lining for spray foam insulation and roofing contractors, as they are likely to see a greater demand for their services as these property owners try to be proactive about reducing their bills for next year.

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