Well-Known TV Contractor Uses Spray Foam Equipment

Image courtesy of National Coatings

TV personality and home repair/construction expert Mike Holmes uses spray foam as an insulation choice for many of the homes he repairs and renovates on his shows.

Far from being just a reality star or figurehead, Holmes actually knows of what he speaks based on extensive experience personally swinging a hammer on a job site. He hosts several shows—including one in which he discovers (and then remedies) problems overlooked by home inspectors. But his expertise stems from many years in the business, during which he personally built and repaired many properties. From the start, he has devoted a lot of his energies to correcting problems caused by other contractors. He places a big emphasis on “making things right” for the homeowner and providing them with a safe, efficient home.

Holmes has touted the great insulation benefits of spray foam, saying he likes its ability to create an airtight home, which reduces heat loss and allows for great energy efficiency. (To allow for the home to “breathe” with an input of fresh air, Holmes recommends using a heat recovery ventilator.)

Just like anyone else who wants to apply spray foam insulation and coatings for customers, Holmes and his crews need the proper equipment to complete these jobs. They would find all of the spray foam equipment they need at Intech Equipment & Supply.