Your Source for PMC Spray Foam Equipment

For spray foam roofing and insulation contractors who need to ensure their crews have the most reliable, high-quality equipment, they want to choose a brand with a great reputation. Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) is a good choice, and contractors who select PMC supplies will likely be very impressed with the results and the performance of this equipment.

Intech Equipment & Supply offers the full line of PMC equipment, including spray guns, proportioners, replacement parts, transfer pumps and many other items. While the PMC line is a relatively new addition to Intech’s inventory, it is already becoming very popular among industry professionals who want equipment they can rely on.

PMC designs its products with the customer in mind and strives to make their equipment both high-quality and rugged enough to withstand the harsh conditions and tough demands of a typical job site.

Of course, when you purchase your PMC equipment from Intech, you get the excellent service and fast order processing you have come to expect from us. And of course our support doesn’t end once the sale is completed—we can also fully service or repair your PMC equipment for as long as you own it. So you don’t have to worry about job interruptions and delays due to equipment that’s down.

See the complete line of PMC equipment available through Intech Equipment & Supply.