Complete Jobs Easily with Touch and Seal Foam

Touch and Seal FoamAs with any other type of construction or repair jobs, spray foam insulation projects come in all types and sizes. While often these can involve large areas and complicated jobs, sometimes a quick and easy fix is all that is needed.

In these cases, a simple solution can be a lifesaver. Touch and seal portable foam kits are just what you need for these types of “quick hit” jobs. These self-contained spray foam dispensing systems are like a mini jobsite in a box. Designed to be portable enough to stash in your truck and take anywhere, these kits use specially-designed disposable containers to mix and dispense polyurethane spray foam without the need for larger machines like compressors or pumping equipment.

These kits are an affordable alternative to setting up an entire jobsite operation, and much easier to transport. They are also a great option to use for small jobs such as repairs or renovations to a limited space. For contractors who only do occasional spray foam jobs, or those who don’t have the need and/or the budget to invest in an entire fleet of spray foam equipment, this is a sensible approach to handling the occasional spray foam project.

Touch and seal portable foam kits make application quick and easy—the foam dries within minutes of application.

Whether you need a simple spray foam kit or larger pieces of machinery, you can find all of the spray foam equipment you need at Intech Equipment & Supply.