Graco InSite Helps with Accounting and Inventory

Graco, which supplies technology and supplies for the management of fluids in industrial and commercial applications, recently unveiled a new tool that can help contractors and homeowners monitor the use of fluid materials on a job site from any location using a smartphone or portable electronic device.

Graco InSite is remote reporting technology for electrical and hydraulic reactors. It allows for real-time, offsite tracking of job site activity, including materials usage and worker productivity.

As this article notes, there are several benefits to the real-time updates and comprehensive data this system provides.

Adherence to plans. The settings help ensure that the contractor is following the specified plans. If the application crew diverts from the established parameters, adjustments can be made immediately.

Job-site monitoring from afar. This allows contractors (and perhaps even homeowners) to keep an eye on the crew’s work without having to make an onsite visit.

Inventory control. Contractors and supply managers can keep track of the amount of materials used, which makes it easier for them to maintain proper inventory and avoid running out of needed materials unexpectedly.

Documentation. The data provides proof of exactly what was done at the site, assuring homeowners and insurance companies that the proper insulation was indeed installed.

More accurate bidding. The data provided by this system allows contractors to track the amount of supplies and manhours required for specific jobs, which is valuable information when preparing future bids.

Less downtime and lost revenue. The ability to track crew workloads and productivity allows a contractor to better plan their job site staffing needs and make quick adjustments when needed, resulting in reduced downtime.

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