Unusually Busy Winter for Some Roofing Professionals

Winter is usually a slow month for roofing contractors (and the construction and remodeling industries in general) but Mother Nature’s wrath has led to many contractors experiencing a high volume of customer inquiries—and, in some cases, urgent pleas for quick help.

Homeowners who have been putting off making any needed repairs to their roof may have gotten a rude awakening when the combination of arctic temperatures and heavy snow dealt the final (and fatal) blow to a roof that was already barely hanging on.

In other cases, the property owner may have been blissfully unaware that there were any issues with their roof—until leaks, noises or other clear signals made the situation impossible to ignore.

In any case, roofing professionals (especially those in areas that have been particularly hard hit this winter) may suddenly find that their phone is ringing constantly with calls from customers who need repairs to their weather-battered roof.

While it is unlikely that these roofing professionals will be able to start any jobs right away—at least in colder regions—they can start making preparations now to ensure they can get to work immediately as soon as the weather and temperatures allow.

That means they need to look in into stocking up on their roofing materials, including spray foam equipment for those who handle that type of service. This way, they will be able to take advantage of this surge in demand while it lasts. Contractors who need spray foam or roofing equipment can find everything they need at Intech Equipment & Supply.