PMC Hosting Spray Foam Training Course

PMCSpray foam contractors who need (or want) to learn about the best techniques and latest developments in the industry and materials applications will have a rare opportunity to do that next month. PMC—the brand that contractors rely upon to keep their jobsites running smoothly—will host the Polyurea Development Association (PDA) Applicator Spray Course in June. The six-day training event will be held at PMC’s facility in Lakewood, New Jersey.

The training begins with a surface preparation course, covering proper surface preparation for concrete and steel substrates prior to a polyurea application.

Next, the event moves into the basic applicator spray course, which will provide participants with an in-depth analysis of the latest and best commercially available equipment designs and necessary hardware components to ensure successful operation and spray application of polyureas. After exploring important issues related to chemical technology and plural component spray technology, students will practice the techniques in a hands-on environment during field spray time.

Upon successfully completing that portion of the training, attendees will then proceed to the advanced applicator spray course. In this phase, in-depth education focuses on mastering the intricacies of gun and equipment troubleshooting, understanding the specs to achieve the best result and other critical skills that professionals need to know in order to be recognized as reaching the expert level. Other specific topics that will be covered during this segment include estimating and inspections. There will also be an in-depth look at installation defects.

Participants who complete the entire training will have the valuable advantage of being armed with insights that will serve them well in the field. They will have evaluated the contrast between mechanical gun and air purge, become aware of vital safety practices, and explored applications involving a variety of surfaces and materials including metal, concrete, wood, fiberglass and foam.

This course is highly regarded in the industry, and developed after careful planning and analysis of industry needs, with a particular focus on where previous educational offerings may have been lacking. When planning the course and revising its specific curriculum, organizers came to the conclusion that the industry lacked resources that provided comprehensive instruction that took an in-depth approach and went beyond the basics.

Developers took great care to design a program that zeroed in on the high-priority issues that are critical for professionals to know, and that address actual situations they will encounter in the field. Rob Loomis, group leader of Willamette Valley Co. and former chairman of the PDA Education Committee, had a central role in designing the training course. “Many industry companies have training programs that may or may not be sufficient for their employees’ needs,” he said. “This class helps relieve that burden, ensuring that attendees receive a complete education in all areas of polyurea spray application.”

For those unable to attend this session in New Jersey, there will also be training events held later this year in Wisconsin and California.

Cost of the course varies depending on whether the registrant is a PDA member. There are also group discounts available for companies that want to enroll several employees. Attendees must bring their own half-face organic cartridge respirator.

We understand and appreciate the importance of quality educational programs for professional in the spray foam and polyurea application fields. In addition to training and experience, these professionals also need the right type of materials and equipment to perform this work in an efficient manner. They can find all of the spray foam equipment they need at Intech Equipment & Supply.