Keep Costs in Line with Used Roofing Equipment

Keep Costs in Line with Used Roofing Equipment Roofing contractors who are looking for a way to cut their operating and inventory costs should consider opting for used roofing equipment to outfit their job sites.

We understand that some people may be hesitant to buy used construction or roofing equipment, due to a worry that this equipment may not be up to their standards. We are happy to be able to alleviate those concerns, as we inspect the equipment to determine what needs to be fixed, if anything. We can assure you that all used equipment we sell at Intech Equipment & Supply will be in working condition before our customers take possession of the equipment.

Used roofing equipment can be purchased at significantly lower costs than what you would normally pay for brand new equipment. You can then pass those savings along to your customers, making this a winning situation for everyone involved.

We offer a wide variety of used roofing items, including many pieces of equipment from top name brands.  We make sure this equipment is  in good working condition, and you can trust that the equipment will be reliable on the job site.  As always, we stand behind the equipment we sell, and you can rely on getting  excellent service and follow-up support we provide to all of our customers.

To learn more about our selection of used roofing equipment, contact Intech Equipment & Supply.