Mobile Spray Rigs Built with the Contractor in Mind

By Jake Jacobson and Bob Jutras
Intech Equipment & Supply

Intech Equipment was founded in 1995.   Our business has grown largely by troubleshooting spray equipment and recommending contractor friendly solutions.   In other words, we design and assemble equipment that is ready to withstand the demands of high production operations that run their equipment hard.   We know from experience that preventive maintenance is often overlooked, and we take that into consideration when we design our equipment packages and mobile spray rigs.

Not only do we design and build rigs, we fix them.  Based on the 1000’s of rigs we have serviced and repaired over the years, we have selected the most reliable equipment components that go into mobile spray rigs.   To summarize our design philosophy, we try to make them contractor friendly, easy to maintain, safe to operate, and installed per the manufacturers recommendations.

The ultimate goal is to build a rig that will maximize a contractor’s spray time and minimize maintenance and down time.  In other words, build a rig with the lowest overall cost of operation over time.   When selecting a rig builder, it is not just about the initial purchase price.   You have to consider the experience level, the cost of repairs over 3-5 years, the total down time due to preventive maintenance and repair.

With the rapid growth of the spray foam market over the past 10 years, there has also been an increase in the number of companies that claim to build rigs.

When Graco got into the rig building business back in 2006, they created a design that was efficient to manufacture.   Graco is a manufacturing company that goes to market through an authorized distribution channel.   When Graco discontinued their Mobile Spray Rig product line in 2008, it opened the door for distributors to start building rigs.

Intech Equipment and Supply has been building rigs since the day we were founded in 1995.  We know what it takes to design a safe, robust rig that is reliable and field serviceable.   There are plenty of start-up companies that have come and gone with a great idea to build rigs, sell them at low margins, without any intent to service them.   We service and repair rigs even if they are built by other companies.   We see what they look like the day they are broke down.   We know what it takes to fix them.   We also know what works, and we take what works and incorporate that into our future builds.

First and foremost, we try to assure that components are installed within factory specifications and recommendations.  Here are a few examples of opportunities for improvements.

Box Truck Lean from the factory
The picture below shows a lean in the truck to the right side.  The fuel tank installed on the right side of the truck is causing the body lean.   The truck was sent to Intech this way, but we end up being held responsible for correcting the problem.  In this case, we can correct the issue, but the customer will have to approve the additional expense.

CAB Box Location:
The Clean Air Box shown below is mounted inside the truck/trailer.   The advantage to this location is that it is mounted correctly and there is little chance of getting damaged.    The drawback to this installation is that the applicator will not hear the audible CO2 warning alarm if it goes off.   We would recommend a remote alarm that can be placed close enough to the sprayer so that he/she can hear the CO2 alarm.

Eye Wash:
This system is not in compliance with OSHA and NIOSH.   It will not maintain a sufficient flow of rinse water for 15 minutes.

Refrigerated Air Dryer
The manufacturer, MORSE, recommends 40” of clearance on each side of dryer for proper ventilation and operation of the air dryer.

About Intech Equipment & Supply
Intech Equipment & Supply, founded in 1995, is an independent, full service spray foam equipment integrator and parts supplier, offering equipment, parts, turn-key mobile spray systems and expert technical assistance.  Their main customers are commercial roofing contractors, insulation contractors, and the materials suppliers that serve those customers. . Typical markets served are spray foam roofing, spray foam insulation, single ply roofing, and commercial roof coatings applications.   Intech Equipment & Supply has been recognized by Graco as a Top 20 Graco HPCF North America Distributor for 3 years in a row 2010, 2011, and 2012.   For more information, visit