PPE Compliance Vital for Spray Foam Contractors

PPE Vital for Spray Foam ContractorsPersonal protective equipment (PPE) is an important topic for spray foam insulation and roofing contractors for a variety of reasons. Obviously, the most important issue to any contractor should be worker safety. Keeping employees safe and healthy—ideally while also allowing them to perform their jobs efficiently and comfortably—should be a top priority for any contractor.

For contractors handling spray foam materials, PPE is of critical importance because it is imperative that workers avoid inhaling SPF chemicals or allowing those materials to come into direct contact with skin or eyes.

From an administrative and liability standpoint, the proper use of PPE (and training programs to ensure employees are familiar with proper procedures and requirements) is important in order to ensure compliance with regulations enforced by OSHA and any other applicable agencies or organizations. Keep in mind, the Respiratory Protection Standard is usually one of the top 10 most frequently cited standards following inspections of workplaces by OSHA. Penalties for violations can be severe, and can involve all sorts of headaches and problems for the business involved. In addition, failure to implement and enforce proper PPE procedures can leave a company open to litigation or insurance claims, should an employee suffer some sort of illness or injury as a result.

The material safety data sheets for the products handled by employees are a valuable resource for information on particular risks involved and the equipment necessary to protect workers handling these materials.

PPE can encompass a variety of individual items including gloves, eye protection, face masks and respiratory supplies. The specific type of protective equipment/clothing needed will vary depending on the situation—mainly, the type of products involved, the proximity at which the employee will exposed to it, and the possibility of contact with chemicals.

It isn’t enough just to have protective equipment. You must also enforce its usage, and make sure that employees know how to use it properly. You will also need to inspect the equipment frequently to confirm that it is still in good condition or working order. It’s a good idea to include regular PPE drills and inspections into your safety enforcement plan.

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