Reinforce Roof Surfaces with Coating Rigs

Reinforce Roof Surfaces with Coating Rigs

Image courtesy of DAS Products, Inc.

A roof is one of the parts of a home or building that can be subject to the most stress and strain, and as a result is often one of the first parts to show wear and tear.

Even if a roof isn’t that old, it may still have experienced areas of damage, especially if it has suffered through some major storms or extended periods of harsh weather. This isn’t a situation that should be allowed to continue, so it needs be addressed as quickly as possible. A weak or compromised roof can leave the entire structure vulnerable to wind or water damage or other potential risks and hazards.

Spray foam roofing and coating materials are a great option for reinforcing a roof to make it strong and more weather-resistant. This can be especially beneficial when the majority of the roof surface is in decent condition, or when the property owner really wants to avoid the hassle and expense of completely tearing down and replacing the entire roof.

Roof coating rigs allow roofing contractors to reinforce the surface with spray foam roofing and coating, while completing the job as quickly as possible. Intech Equipment & Supply has an assortment of roof coating machines and spray machines, which in many cases can be customized to meet your specific needs.