Save Money By Opting for Used Trucks

Save Money By Opting for Used Trucks Trucks and other vehicles are among the largest expenses for any type of builder or contractor. This is often an essential item that is necessary for business operations, yet it can also put a big dent in the budget.

There is usually no way to avoid buying a truck or work vehicle if you need it to transport crew members or move equipment from one job site to another. But that doesn’t mean you can’t save money on their major expense. One of the best ways to reduce costs in this area is to choose used trucks instead of new. This simple move can allow you to see significant savings.

In many cases, it makes sense to opt for used trucks instead of buying brand new vehicles. Let’s face it, your vehicles and other equipment probably endure fairly harsh conditions on the jobsite and may experience demanding usage—so even if you purchased vehicles new, they probably wouldn’t maintain that showroom look for very long.

Our used trucks are thoroughly inspected, repaired and serviced before sale, so you can be sure you are getting a top-notch, reliable vehicle that can stand up to your demands.

In addition to used trucks, Intech Equipment & Supply also offers a wide assortment of other nearly new and gently used items, including trailers, roofing equipment, spray foam equipment, generators and more.