How The Grizzly Fall Protection Cart Helps You Stay Safe

Stay Safe with Grizzly Fall Protection CartSafety should be the number one priority at any jobsite. Keeping employees safe is the most important thing for any contractor or building company. Shortcuts that may compromise safety should never be allowed, and every contractor should invest in products and equipment that will protect employees and prevent accidents or injuries.

Workplace mishaps can also affect productivity and bring progress to a halt. In addition, workers are likely not fully focused on their work if they are worried or anxious about their well-being and physical security on the job.

The Cleasby Grizzly fall protection cart is exactly what the name suggests. This is a safety cart designed to help prevent the risk of employee falls on the job. It has a fall arrest capacity of three workers, and also offers a fall restraint system.

The Grizzly cart is made from heavy duty steel construction, so it is durable and reliable. There’s no assembly required and it is towable by hand, so you can easily transport it wherever it’s needed. This cart also helps you satisfy applicable safety codes and regulations, and ensure your jobsite is in compliance with workplace safety rules.

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