3 Roofing Products for Your Next Commercial Roofing Project

While there are the more obvious tools, roofing equipment, and supplies that come to mind when preparing for a professional roofing job, think ladders, safety harnesses, and helmets, there are some other helpful roofing products available to help get the job done efficiently.

Here is a peek at three popular roofing products that we offer in the Intech Equipment & Supply store:


A laddervator offers an easy, safe, OSHA-approved approach for professional roofers to lift roofing materials, plywood, trusses, roofing equipment, and more.

Our laddervators, which come in a 200 lb. or 400 lb. lifting capacity, are built to last and come with a steel platform that includes removable rollers for years of use. These roofing products are also versatile enough to lift as high as 44 ft., and are available in either gas or electric versions.

Platform Hoist

Platform hoists are ideal for commercial or residential roofing and construction jobs. At Intech Equipment & Supply, we provide the rugged RGC HandiHoist, a safe, dependable, and affordable roof hoist for any roofer’s occasional lifting requirements.

The platform hoist’s frame is steel-based for exceptional durability. It is a very portable roofing product, and you can mount it on track lengths of 12 ft. to 44 ft. This hoist will fit 200 lb. or 400 lb. capacity track sections. Additionally, a large cable drum, 24-inch handwheel, and 3.5:1 gear ratio ensure easy lifting.


Working with components consisting of dangerous temperatures requires proper training, operation, and tested and proven equipment. It also involves making sure your team understands every aspect of a roofing job before diving in head first.

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we ensure that you and your crews have the right roofing kettle you need, as well as all of the support information to safely and efficiently complete each job.

We carry tar kettles that you can tow from job site to job site for all of your roofing applications. Our kettle line-up features a diverse array of sizes and also includes towable and non-towable models.

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